Hi, I’m Tim and I’m a second career dev.

Highly skilled and motivated Ruby on Rails engineer with expertise in developing, maintaining, and upgrading web applications. Passionate about creating efficient and user-friendly software solutions. Committed to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest technologies. A second career developer, bringing valuable experience as a former automotive technician, combining technical aptitude with problem-solving skills to deliver exceptional results.

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My career journey so far

Exploring the Boundaries of Technology: My Professional Odyssey

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  1. Keystone Volvo

    Jan 2012 - Sept 2017

    Keystone Volvo

    During my tenure at Keystone Volvo, I played a pivotal role as an automotive technician, contributing to the efficient operation and maintenance of vehicles. Some of my key responsibilities and achievements include:

    • Performed a wide range of automotive repair and maintenance tasks, including electrical diagnostics, engine and transmission replacements, regular maintenance, alignments, suspension work, and certified PA emissions and state safety inspections.
    • Demonstrated exceptional customer service skills, effectively communicating with customers to understand their concerns and provide accurate estimates and explanations of repair procedures.
  2. Emergency Vehicle Outfitters

    June 2017 - May 2019

    Emergency Vehicle Outfitters

    During my tenure as a vehicle customization specialist, I spearheaded the assembly of diverse emergency vehicles, each tailored to unique requirements. I excelled in precision equipment installation, electrical integration, and calibration, ensuring top-tier performance and adherence to industry standards.

    • Built a variety of emergency vehicles, including police interceptors, ambulances, SWAT vehicles, and construction vehicles.
    • Maintained comprehensive documentation of installed equipment, wiring diagrams, and technical specifications.
    • Demonstrated exceptional attention to detail and adherence to industry standards throughout the vehicle customization process.
  3. Subaru

    Oct 2019 - Mar 2020

    Fred Beans Subaru

    Contributing my expertise to the team at Fred Beans Subaru, I undertook a crucial role as an automotive technician. My responsibilities encompassed a wide spectrum of automotive repair and maintenance tasks, from intricate electrical diagnostics to engine and transmission replacements. I collaborated seamlessly within a team of technicians, prioritizing customer service excellence and adhering to rigorous industry standards.

    • Conducted certified PA emissions and state safety inspections.
    • Utilized advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to troubleshoot and resolve complex automotive issues efficiently.
    • Interacted with customers, providing clear explanations of repair procedures and addressing concerns promptly.
  4. The Agency Of Learning

    Aug 2020 - Present

    Sierra Rails

    At Sierra Rails, I've been instrumental in building, upgrading, and maintaining Ruby on Rails applications for clients. Collaborating cross-functionally, I've designed solutions, including a user-tagging feature projected to boost new user acquisition by 10%. I've also driven code quality improvements through enhanced testing and implemented top standards for security and performance.

    • Develop, upgrade, and maintain Ruby on Rails applications for clients.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement software solutions.
    • Added a new feature to tag other users in posts that was estimated to bring in 10% new users
    • Improved code quality by increasing test coverage.
    • Implement best practices for security and performance optimization.
  5. Sierra Rails

    Mar 2023 - Present

    The Agency Of Learning

    At the Agency of Learning, I've fostered collaborative efforts with fellow developers to define project scopes and drive stakeholder value. Notably, I enhanced navigation to elevate the volunteer and supervisor experience. Additionally, I optimized mailer previews to streamline quality assurance processes.

    • Collaborate with other developers to scope work and create stakeholder value.
    • Built improved navigation for better volunteer and supervisor experience.
    • Improved mailer previews to assist QA team.
  6. I am currently here in my journey :D

A tour of my gadgets and workstation

My primary machine for work/coding is a 2021 14" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD. My secondary machine that I use mostly for leisure, gaming, and music production is a PC I custom built. It has an i9-9900k, 32GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD. I dualboot Windows 10 and Arch Linux. For periphials, I use a Logitech GPRO mechanical keyboard. Logitech G403 HERO mouse, and two monitors. A 2K 144hz 27" MSI monitor, and an 1080P 24" LG monitor as my secondary monitor.

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A simple stack that you can always trust

I've been a software developer for over 3 years, and while my stack has shifted over the years, I kept coming back to the same technologies. The following is the stack that I've developed & honed over the years as a software developer.



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